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NIDEK : Auto Lensmeter LM-7, LM-7P

NIDEK : Auto Lensmeter LM-7, LM-7P


  • Hartmann sensor with 108 measurement points
  • Automatic lens type detection
  • Scale mode function
  • UV transmittance measurement
  • Vertical 5.7-inch color LCD touch screen

Detailed Information

1. Hartmann sensor with 108 measurement points

The LM-7P/7 utilizes simultaneous measurement of 108 data points within the nosepiece. This advanced measurement principle allows faster and easier data acquisition with greater accuracy and reliability.

2. Automatic lens type detection

Placing the lens on the nosepiece activates the auto lens detection function to automatically determine the lens type and switch to the correct measuring mode.

3. Scale mode function

Pupillary distance such as the LPD/RPD and PD, can be measured easily by aligning the marked glasses to the scale displayed on the screen. Screen color can be changed to black or white depending on marking color for greater visibility.

4. UV transmittance measurement

UV transmittance is presented as an intuitive display from 0 to 100% of central wavelength 365 nm (UV-A) in 1 or 5% increments.

5. Vertical 5.7-inch color LCD touch screen

The adoption of touch screen achieves ideal layout display, superior in operation and visibility. The unique vertical design gives a sophisticated impression and greater function.

6. Enhanced data communication capability

The LM-7 series has one RS-232C port and two USB ports as standard. Optional LAN/WLAN connections are also available, which greatly expand data communication capability.

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