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NIDEK : Tabletop Refraction System TS-310

NIDEK : Tabletop Refraction System TS-310


  • Simple and reliable refraction in an attractive design
  • Operation-rich control box
  • Sophisticated refractor head
  • Reliable chart unit
  • Flexible measurement options
  • Easy installation

Detailed Information

1. Simple and reliable refraction in an attractive design

The TS-310 is a tabletop subjective refraction workstation that integrates chart and refractor into a single unit.

2. Operation-rich control box

The 5.7-inch color LCD touch screen displays all data with high visibility. Simple, understandable, and comfortable user interfaces ensure an effective operation.

3. Sophisticated refractor head

Beautiful ergonomic design enhances a stress-free examination environment for both operator and patient, while maintaining superior accuracy.

4. Reliable chart unit

The TS-310 uniquely uses the same high resolution charts for both distance and near testing. Switching between distant and near is smoothly achieved with a single button push.

5.Flexible measurement options

Regardless of personal measurement style, or sitting/standing ergonomic preferences, the TS-310 ensures comfortable refractive examinations for patients and operators alike.

6. Easy installation

The TS-310 does not require complex angle and distance adjustments during installation, which can be achieved by any staff member without expert knowledge. It can be easily transported and installed in any facility including eyecare practices, clinics, mobile optometric vehicles, and care facilities for temporary use.

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