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NIDEK : Auto Refractometer AR-1, ARK-1

NIDEK : Auto Refractometer AR-1, ARK-1


  • Accurate refraction measurement
  • Easy VA measurement with glare test
  • Simple opacity assessment with retroillumination image
  • Patient-friendly accommodation measurement
  • Keratometry measurement with mire ring

Detailed Information

1. Selectable model types

2. Accurate refraction measurement

Large pupil zone imaging method

The large pupil zone imaging method enables the measurement of wider area refraction up to 6 mm diameter and can indicate the difference between the wide area refraction and central area refraction of up to 3.5 mm diameter.

SLD and highly sensitive CCD

The system, which combines the super luminescent diode (SLD) and highly sensitive CCD, significantly improves measurement capability even in dense cataractous eyes.

Optimal fogging to minimize accommodation

Fogging allows the patient to view the target clearly and minimizes the interference with accommodation even in high astigmatism.

3. Easy VA measurement with glare test

The ARK-1s and AR-1s provide visual acuity (VA) measurement. A glare source is illuminated beside the chart and the glare VA can be measured.

Simulated patient's vision of VA chart and glare source

4. Simple opacity assessment with retroillumination image

The retroillumination image enables the observation of opacity of the optical media of the eye.

5. Patient-friendly accommodation measurement

Objective measurement of accommodation is performed with the patient focusing on a target that moves from distance to near.

6. Keratomtry measurement with mire ring

The mire ring is used to measure keratometry. It reduces eyelid artifacts.

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